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"Humanities First"

Caring Neighborhoods Through

Benevolence and Righteousness

A Place With Cultural Characteristic

The City - a place, the 'benevolence' of city dwellers, the 'righteousness' of multi-background integration, and the 'respect' of the ecological environment have vividly interpreted the traditional cultural values. It is a Smart City built on "intellect" and picturesque place for the four seasons. It is also a happy and peaceful one. "Renyi Homeland".

Principle Guidelines

Environmental and ecological sustainable development


Compatible with the urban spirit


Urban and rural integrated public service facility system


It is necessary to pursue economic steps, but also to pursue cultural sentiment

Who We Are

We are the new era of sustainable living

Best utilization of building areas has important significance and role in limiting urban sprawl,  carefully planned urban intensive development, controlling urban landscape interface, protecting important resources, building high-quality urban environment and promoting sustainable development.

Our Endeavors

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Our Story

We are the new era of sustainable society

The current development of cities is also facing new choices. Therefore, the evaluation of rigid cities with benevolence-soft, righteousness, courtesy, and wisdom provides a new frame of reference in the “GDP-only” environment.

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The Planning Criterion of "Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Intelligence, and Goodness" following Traditional Ruism cultural.
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