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Have Love for the People and Cherish All Things

People First


To be Human is to be Divine

Share Kindness with others!

"There is no attribute of the superior man greater than his helping men to practice virtue" Mengzi. 

Cultural of Kindness (RENYI®) affects over

1.675 billion

Span over 2400 years
  • Rest of the World
  • Eastern Asia

Have Love for the People, and Cherish All Things

The term means to have love for the people, and cherish all things in the world. Here wu (物) includes plants and animals, while ai (爱) implies using them in a measured and appropriate way. This was first proposed by Mengzi who differentiated natural emotions as: a love for close family, a broad compassion for other people, and a sense of cherishing for plants and animals. The love could be close or distant, but a person of virtue always begins with love of close relatives, which then extends to other people and eventually to all things in the world. Though this feeling starts within the family, it should extend beyond it, even beyond the human race to include plants and animals, to become a broad love. The goal is to achieve harmony within oneself, with others and with nature. Zhang Zai’s concept that “all people are my brothers and sisters, and all things are my companions” is very similar. 
Mengzi said, “Men of virtue cherish all things but this is not benevolent love, have compassion for others but this is not love of family. Men of virtue love and care for their loved ones, they are therefore kind to other people. When they are kind to people, they treasure everything on earth.” 

Keep us together through thewisdom on human relations, kindness culture, and quantum fortune advocated by Mengzi 372 BC.


Empathy/commiseration (human heartedness)


feeling of shame and dislike


feeling of yielding and modesty


sense of right and wrong

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