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True man / woman

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Mengzi educational ideal personal character.

View of the people
The ideal personality designed by Mengzi is the character of a true man / woman. "non of the riches, poverty, or mights can move the state of an individual. This is the true man / woman." "People", "the poor are alone, and the world is good at the same time." When the nation and the country need you, they can "sacrific oneself then become a benevolent person and live for justice". What's even more amazing is that Mengzi also demanded that adult elder in ages still keep a childlike innocence and do not lose their heart." What a brilliant view!
Develop a true man / woman personality
Mengzi's "Nourishment Theory".
Mengzi proposed his famous "Nourishment Theory". He wrote: "I am good at raising my mighty spirit", "It is born of righteousness, and it is also obtained by upright actions."
Cultivate spirit and personality
How to cultivate specifically?
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