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People Are Important

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People Are Important

People are most important for a country

The People Are Important

Mengzi’ theory is the representative view of the people-oriented judge in the history of Chinese thought. This idea comes from the development of the concept of god, which has gradually been replaced by the concept of humanism since Shang and Zhou Dynasty, and the development of the thought of the people in the early period. It is also influenced by the concept of Confucius’ view of nature and man. Mengzi said that "the people are important" is closely related to the historical background of the warring states period, he traveled around the many states to witness the sufferings of many people, this is also one of the reasons for the formation and development of Mengzi’ thought of "the people are important". Mengzi said that "the people are important", not an empty slogan, but at the same time put forward specific measures of benevolent governance.

People-oriented thoughts
The theory of heaven, saint and the people
Mengzi’ people-oriented thought can be regarded as a clear political ideology. Mengzi’ idea of "the people are precious" is based on the theory of heaven, saint and the people.
People-oriented thought of Mengzi
The theory of mind and the concept of heaven and human
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