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Govern with benevolence

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Excel throughout the whole realm

Make the world peaceful

Cannot govern the world without benevolence

The implementation of benevolence can make the world peaceful.  Benevolent government is "do not bear people's heart through do not bear people's politics." Mengzi believes that the implementation of benevolence can make the world stable, without benevolence, it will intensify the contradictions between the government and the people, and it will be difficult for the world to be peaceful.  Mengzi believed that to resolve the contradictions between the government and the people was to perform benevolence: "If the governors are benevolent, and the people would love him and die for their rulers." and believed that "the way of Yao and Shun - cannot govern the world without benevolence."
Loving goodness is enough to excel throughout the whole realm.
An individual who loves goodness.
If the ruler loves goodness, then the people from within the whole area inside the four seas will not consider far to travel one thousand li (miles) in order to share their own goodness with him. But if he dislikes goodness, then people will say ‘He's a scoundrel and we know it.  The speech and face of a rogue will keep people a thousand li away. If the good shih stay a thousand li away, then all the back-stabbers and sycophants in the realm will come to the ruler. Surrounded by back-stabbers and sycophants, can you really run a government?
Humaneness overcomes non-humaneness
Uses a compass and square
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