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What do young people lack most now?

570881_L Young people need directions

According to Dr. Fu Peirong: What young people need most is their inner world to have a destination, that is, on the surface, economic prosperity, social reform and opening up, and more and more freedom of people, but what you have to do with freedom, how do you choose, how do you judge. Usually sometimes we will do as many things as we want, but we will regret it when we are done, time is wasted, and life cannot be repeated, so when we are young, we especially need to pay more attention to our inner world. So I suggest that young friends read more psychology books and philosophy books. Now that there is an enthusiasm for Chinese philosophical studies, I will take this opportunity to read those Chinese studies. Because the characteristic of Ruism lies in its ability to pass more than two thousand years of testing, and it can still exist today for his reasons. I think that the most important philosophy of Ruism is ideals and concepts. This aspect is represented by Ruism. The concepts of Ruism is more clear. Let you know what human nature is and how people can be happy. Then how do you get along with nature. These are very important concepts. But after learning, young people may not fully accept it. He always has to have a spirit of adventurousness, that is, I have to experiment to see whether this is effective, this is understandable. Because people always have some trials and mistakes in the process of learning, they can learn more lessons, so young people are the same, but from the point of view of teachers, we hope that everyone will save the time of experiencing mistakes. , Find a bright road of life early. The biggest challenge for the young man's so-called Bright Road is that today's society is so open and free, how do you combine this kind of things that sound like a very old and serious thing. Therefore, I have been emphasizing that Ruism is especially suitable for young people in the past few years, because Ruism speaks of sincerity. Your sincerity comes from within. For young people, maybe you don't have other conditions, as long as you are sincere then no problem. When it is sincere, for example, if a young friend feels unhappy, what should parents do? Just ask him if you think about it, under what circumstances you will feel happy. You really think that if young people like to play games online, that's okay. It depends on which one you play. Games, can you self-regulate the time you play games, otherwise it will be a problem if you become addicted to the Internet in the end, happiness will turn into pain instead. So many things are in the process you can experience slowly, how deep your own understanding is. Speaking of Ruism, in short, there is a "covenant" and a "covenant" for one's own life. A person must be able to restrain himself before he can choose more important goals. If you don't have self-discipline, you want everything, and if you want to, you won't feel happy, just follow the trend. Then if you want to get something, if you really know that you really like it, you will feel that it is worthwhile for me to spend so much time and effort.  

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