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Way of heaven...

Sincerity is way of heaven ...

"Sincerity is the way of heaven, and think how to be sincere is the way of human." Mengzi  Fu Peirong PhD spoken about how Mengzi cultivates talents part one. Three points: first point on wisdom, second point on benevolence and righteousness, third point on courage.  Wisdom, benevolence, and courage are three virtues. A person with real talent must have a smart head. If your head is not smart, how can you compete with others? There is no fluke in being smart. It comes from learning, from human affection and sophistication, and from thinking for others. This is the first step of Mengzi's learning. What are the characteristics of his learning?  There were many people with knowledge in ancient times, and the same is true today. Why didn't everyone become a philosopher? As a philosopher, you need a consistent mind. What is consistent thinking? For example, what do we say about Ruism? Or what is Ruism first? I simply make three external regulations. The so-called Ruism came from first respects tradition, secondly values education, and thirdly cares for society. After the three points, you see that a person respects tradition, values education, and cares for society is Ruism. But this is not enough, because it is only an external performance, and internal conditions are also required. First, as long as Ruism is certain, everyone can become a gentleman; second, everyone should become a gentleman; and third, if a person becomes a gentleman, he will definitely help others to become a gentleman. These three points are the internal reasons of Ruism. The three points on the outside and the three points on the inside work together to know what is Ruism. The most exciting part of Mengzi's thoughts talks about the theory of human nature. Many people ask, is human nature inherently good? Because Mengzi once said two words "good nature." Is goodness inherently good?  No, what does it mean? My understanding is "to be good." One word difference tells how familiar we are with Mengzi. Let's briefly explain here that humans are the only thing in the universe that can be insincere. Do you agree? Yes, when did you see a cat behaved like a dog? Did you see other animals trying to learn to change their faces? So people are the smartest, but they are not sincere. In fact, most people are not very sincere throughout their lives and are playing various roles.  Therefore, you must first be sincere. After being sincere, you will find that there is a kind of power from the inside to ask yourself to do what you should do. This power is called "toward" and what you should do is called "good", so it is called humanity to be good. Therefore, Mengzi said very clearly, "Sincerity is the way of heaven, and think how to be sincere is the way of human."  Consciously making yourself sincere is the right way in life, this kind of thinking is definitely not intrinsic goodness can be called goodness. If you understand this passage of mine, there is no time wasted today, because this is our deepest understanding of Mengzi. Does what Mengzi said is consistent with our experience?  Because we can also reflect on whether we are sincere and whether sincerity has the power to demand ourselves. So my teaching is sometimes under great pressure, because people often complain to me. The teacher knew not to listen to your class. After listening to your class, I found that I should be filial when I go home. It means that if you don't listen to the class, you don't have to be filial. But what should I ask him, are you happy? When you are filial, do you feel that you meet your inner self-requirements? I am happier to see your parents happy. The positive effect of this kind deed is happiness. If a person is not happy in doing good, then he will ask why I am not happy in doing good, I am afraid that he is not sincere enough to understand the various levels of happiness.

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