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People relations are important!

People are always viewed as important in the history of China.  Philosopher Mengzi advocated the best thing a person can do is share kindness with others (people.)  Having a position in the government is looked upon as the most viable career for anyone in China prior to the industrial revolution up to one hundred years ago.  The background or literature text for the examination is based on four books of ruism (confucianism.)  One of them is the book of Mengzi.  It is the desire of the rulers to let the few literate cadets or officials who administer over the general public in practicing kindness on governing over them.  This view of being benevolent and righteous to all people has gone through numerous dynasties even with emperors with different ethnic backgrounds.  Mengzi also said: "sincerity is the way of heaven; to think how to be sincere is the way of man."  It is for this reason, people in Chinese culture are at peace with others without unnecessary fighting among themselves for profits.

The blossom of four traits of human character.

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