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Having kindness culture in our society


The recent tragic events and animosity towards certain groups of our society are difficult to deal with for people of all backgrounds. The unease sentiment is in contrast to our allegiance of "liberty and justice for all." I believe strongly in helping parents of the family acquaint themselves including children with the kindness culture.

"On Donald Trump's 100th day in office, the President stated that to do his job he needed "heart." This brought to mind the words and wisdom of my favorite Chinese philosopher, Mengzi (Mencius). Though virtually unknown today in the West, this disciple of Confucius, who lived during the 4th century BCE, is considered by many to be the wisest sage who ever lived." Finding Trump's Heart 05/28/2017

"To nurture others with kindness, to pacify the world" Mengzi. Only by cultivating and educating people with kindness can people in the world be convinced. 孟子曰:以善養人,能服天下。 用善去培養教育人,才能夠使天下的人心服。

The blossom of four traits of human character.
Way of heaven...

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